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About Go Organisation


GOO is one of the leading overseas education consultant in Baku, Azerbaijan. At GO Organisation, we ensure our students find the journey of reaching their foreign education goals hassle-free. So, from student profiling to selecting the right foreign destination and the right course to ensuring thorough application review and submission follows our strict standards-driven process. Combining proven experience and credible association with world-leading educational and immigration authorities, GO Organisation provides comprehensive student services while maximizing their opportunities with a compliant and global benchmarks driven application processing.

From finding the right career to getting you settled abroad with ease.

There’s a reason why we call ourselves “one-stop” overseas education expert.

GO Organisation has been successfully assisting students in processing a large number of applications for Poland, Malaysia, United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Singapore among other international destinations. Based on our extensive research and in-depth analysis, we understand which factors add to success of our students’ applications. Our best practices ensure that we achieve our targeted goals. Start Your career guide with Edugo Abroad, A Top Leading Overseas Education Consultant in Baku, Azerbaijan.

GOO services – Happy students. Successful careers.

Student Analysis

Our experienced counselors help students make the right decision from a vast array of available options, including educational courses, universities and international destinations. They work with the students to understand their aptitude and interest areas to suggest what is best for them.

Information and Guidance

Quality and accuracy of information is vital to making informed career decisions. To ensure this, GOO provides complete and comparable information for different educational courses and universities/colleges. With the right data points, we help students find their “perfect career match” based on their profile and criteria.

University / Course Selection

GOO represents reputed and well-researched universities/institutes worldwide. We assist students in selecting just the right institution with respect to ranking, location, courses offered, fees structure, scope of post-study work opportunities etc.

Application and Documentation

There is more to documentation than meeting a few formalities and filling a few application forms. We support our students follow accurate and punctual documentation and filing with key papers including mark-sheets, bank documents, property papers and other financial proofs. These original documents are then attested to prove their originality and authenticity.


With rigorous follow-up and liaison with university authorities, we ensure that our students get their offer letters in timely manner, resulting in stress-free visa application.

Scholarship Assistance

Wherever feasible, we help students in availing the benefits of available scholarships from concerned universities / colleges.

Assistance for Bank Loans

We understand the importance of financial assistance in pursuing international education. Therefore, we have established strong links with a number of banks, to help students with streamlined access to education loans.

Visa Application and Documentation

Once the offer letter arrives and institute confirms a student’s admission, an application for student visa is made to the relevant Embassy. As document requirement varies for every country, we ensure that all documents are in order as per specific country’s requirement.

Visa Interview Preparation

Getting a visa could be a daunting task. We help students develop needed readiness with mock preparations.

Airline Ticket Booking

We have an agreement with a leading travel agency, which provides air tickets to our students at concessional rates. Students are welcome to make use of this service, if desired.

Pre-departure Briefings

Our Pre-departure briefings familiarize students with real life situation and provide useful tips that will help them make a more confident start in the country they are going to. With useful instructions on DO’s and DONT’s, we share effective awareness on a wide range of areas including local culture, climate conditions, foreign exchange, travel, accommodation, clothing, opening a bank account etc.


Suitable accommodation remains a serious concern for many students, but not for ours. EDUGO with its network of foreign students and partners enable access to convenient, economic and accessible accommodation options, adding to students’ convenience.